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uPVC French Casement Windows

French Casements windows are the key to keeping your family safe and secure but still have that unique sense of style that will keep your home a home and not a prison.

The French Casement windows affords the same benefits of the classic casement windows, but with a little extra versatility.

Both sashes open almost a full 90º and when opened simultaneously, one casement carries the central mullion to provide unrestricted space and rapid ventilation.

All K P Double Glazing Ltd. windows offer superior sightlines because they are manufactured using slimmer profiles to maximise the area of glass in relation to the frame. This ensures that the inside of the property benefits from high levels of natural daylight, which is maximised by the absence of a fixed centre million when the uPVC French Casement window is opened.

Attention to detail ensures that our uPVC French Casement stands up to closer scrutiny with features such as the unobtrusive gasket lines and engineered corner detailing, which retain the design-purity of this classic style.

Our French Casements windows are ideal to keep you and your family safe when used as a fire escape on narrow windows.

A Rated Windows

Approved by the Planet – Windows that don’t cost the earth.

You’ve probably heard about global warming. You probably know that we need to reduce carbon emissions before it’s too late. You might not know that energy rated windows are one of the best ways that you can help this cause.

Our energy rated windows enable customers to conserve energy, reduce household carbon emissions and – here’s the best bit – save money.

Look out for the official energy rating on all of our energy efficient windows. This shows you which windows are the most energy efficient, and which will save the most money.