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uPVC Bi-Folding Doors

Open your reality and give yourself space to live.

Imagine a garden party where you could unwind in the solace of your most loved arm chair and still feel a part of the party. Envision a tender mid year breeze conveying the aroma of freshly cut grass into your home.

At K P Double Glazing Ltd. we pride ourselves on going past the straightforward meaning of “inside” and ‘outside’, thinking our way past dividers and windows to envision a space that is the absolute best of both. Our range of Imagine Bi-Fold Doors is intended to completely open up your space to the garden, making an altogether new living space that is not one or the other “in” nor ‘out’, yet that joins the best traits of the two. Imagine Bi-Fold Doors not just fill your home with a feeling of light and space, but bring another measurement of style, enhancing both nature of your room and – all the more critically – the way you feel inside of it.

Bi-Fold Doors are an inventive approach to change your room into something really remarkable.

The new Imagine Bi-Fold Door is a complete step change. Its feel, efforts to establish safety, plan adaptability and a powerful protection ensure all join to make it a world-class item.

Obscuring the lines between where a home ends and a outside begins, Imagine Bi-Fold Doors make remarkable living spaces as adaptable as they are wonderful. They are a dazzling different option for French or Patio Doors and can be introduced so that the entryways sit inside or outside the property when collapsed back – the decision is yours. In addition to being a wonderful approach to conquer any hindrance between your home and garden, they can likewise be utilised to particular rooms inside of your home making a genuinely one of a kind and versatile space.


Let the warmth in, keep the cold out

Our Imagine range of Bi-Fold Doors are intended to offer you the ideal door for all seasons. In summer, cast them wide and let the natural air in; in winter, seal them tight and snug up in the glow while never losing your views.

The Imagine Bi-Fold Door accomplishes a DSER ‘A’-rating, which is the highest energy efficiency rating available for doors. This door can be specified with triple glazing and can achieve an impressive U-Value of below 1.0 (the lower, the better) meaning that Imagine Doors are outstandingly good at keeping the warmth in and the cold out.

What’s a ‘U-Value’?

A U-Value is a measure of heat loss. It demonstrates how well parts of a building transfer heat. This means that the lower the U-Value, the better the thermal performance of the window or door. With a U-Value of less than 1, you can see that the Imagine Bi-Fold Door conserves energy very successfully!

This is good news for you and your savings, as it means less heat escapes through these doors when closed – so you don’t need to worry about spending as much on your energy bills.

A door as safe as houses

The Imagine Bi-Fold Door has been meticulously designed to make it one of the most secure systems around. Its carefully engineered features offer smooth operation when opening, shutting and locking. Again, these doors offer the very best of both worlds – good looks combined with the ultimate in security to keep your home safe, sound and stylish.

To design the hardware and security features for the Imagine range, K P Double Glazing Ltd. and The VEKA UK Group partnered with ERA, who have been securing the UK’s homes for more than 150 years. Designed to meet the stringent security requirements of British Standard PAS 24, the range’s multi-locking system is extremely advanced. The range is also approved by the highly respected Police security initiative ‘Secured by Design’ which is managed by the Association of Chief Police Officers. This is a highly coveted award only given to those products which have been designed to a level of security which ‘designs out crime’.

Deeper lock depths and a choice of three different thresholds (including one that is Part M compliant) combine to make Imagine Bi-Fold Doors extremely secure. Using a combination of locks – espags and shootbolts – and a larger lock gap, the whole system could not make your home more protected.


Accreditations apply to manufacturer, may vary and optional on all ranges, please see brochures for detailed information.

Colors Available

We have a large number of foil colours available. Plus we also have the ability to supply our windows, doors and conservatories in any colour you require, thanks to our unique spray booth.